Hello 80s Music Lovers !

Greetings fellow eighties music lovers, I have recently taught myself the art of converting vinyl to digital and wanted to share some of the results with other people who have been searching for some of these lost gems.

The main rule of the blog is that I will only post vinyl that I have personally ripped and will only post music unavailable on CD, if any of the artists or owners of these recordings objects to having their work posted, please advise me immediately and I will remove.

You may find a trend to some of these posts as I have, over the past few years, focussed my collecting to remixes by Shep Pettibone and Francois Kevorkian, two of the true innovators of the 12″ remix. Many would follow and try to duplicate the success of these two DJ’s turned remixers/producers but in my opinion, they will always be the first and the best.

Over the last five years, there has been an increasing number of impressive compilations of 80’s 12″ singles released on CD and I encourage anyone who has a love for this highly creative period in music to search some of these compilations out, currently I can highly recommend the Dance Classics series coming out of the Netherlands by Rodeo Media but am happy to supply any recommendations on request.

I must also recognise the inspiration behind this blog, firstly DjPaulT at http://burningtheground.net , who has been at the forefront of music blogs for more years than I can remember and secondly, djrichiep at http://djrichiep.com who I came across through his extensive Prince/Flyte Tyme website a few years back. Both have contributed so much to the 80s dance music community that I felt it was time I gave a little something back.  Thank you to you both for all you have done and continue to do for music lovers around the world.

For those interested in the equipment, I am using a Rega RP1 turntable and a Bellari VP130 Pre-Amp for vinyl playback and Cool Edit Pro with ClickRepair for recording and cleaning up the output, finally I am using Xilisoft for converting the WAV files to 320kbs MP3 files.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you will love some of this music as much as I have over the past 25 years.

7 comments on “Hello 80s Music Lovers !

  1. Just discovered your blog and I love it. Great selection of hard to find mixes and many I never had the opportunity to hear back in the day. Not sure if you know but the Candybar Express dub won’t download and the Etta James post has been removed. Any chance to get these? I tried searching for the Etta James mixes on google – no luck on downloads – and a Eurythmics site showed a German CD single with all three mixes on it must be super rare!

    Keep up the great work and if you get a chance:

    SLY FOX/Let’s Go All The Way (Blix Mix, Short Blix Mix and Diamond Dub)
    WANG CHUNG/Let’s Go (Pettibone mixes)
    TIMEX SOCIAL CLUB (Remix) (UK 12″ with Danny D and Pettibone mixes)


  2. Hi updj1, unfortunately mediafire removed the Etta James track on a DMCA complaint so I will have to find somewhere else to upload this, the Candybar Express still looks fine, give this another go and let me know if you are still having trouble.
    I have the Wang Chung 12″ but if you are looking for a CD quality version, the Pettibone remix was released last year on Retro:Active7 – Rare And Remixed (this is a fantastic series which continues to release some of the great 80s 12″ singles on CD), the Sly Fox one I don’t have (yet!), and the Timex Social Club 12″ I have only has the Pettibone mix, there is another 12″ of this track I still need to pick up.
    Thanks for reading and commenting, it’s most appreciated.

    • Thanks for quick reply. I did get the Candybar Express sometimes Mediafire has some quirks it kept asking me to try to “rebuild” the download the other day but fine now.
      I forgot the main Wang Chung “Lets’ Go” mix was on the final retro:active compilation. Too bad the series has ended. I was in contact with the coordinator near the end and even helped him with a couple remixes they needed in CD quality but couldn’t get masters for. Unfortunately they couldn’t get permission to clear them but I got my name in the liner notes of Volume 7.
      The Sly Fox “Let’s Go All The Way (Blix Mix)” with the cool edits does appear in full CD quality on a rare 2 CD compilation called “Dance The Alternative 2″ I bought thru discogs, but the shorter edit and dub are vinyl only and deserve a cleaning up. My 12” sounded quite dirty and it looked mint.
      There are a few Timex Social Club “Rumors” mixes out there. Always thought the Vicious Rumours mix – and similar Club Nouveau mixes on Tommy Boy – were quite boring and deserved more edits, etc. I have an import CD single that has the 5:46 Shep Pettibone Remix Edit and a 4:16 Pettibone Euromix, and I know the full length Pettibone Rumors remix appears on a few hard to find CD’s, but the full length 8:54 Pettibone Rumors Dub and the 2 UK only Danny D Remixes have remained vinyl only and deserve some attention! You’ll need the UK remix 12″ (COOLR 133) and probably the Canadian 12″ to cover these mixes. Just a thought.
      Now back to enjoying the Underworld and Motels mixes you posted.

      • Hello! It is 1:00 AM on June 24, 2014. I just ran across your blog site. Wow. I was so excited to see your post of “Teamwork” by David Lasley. I had that 12-inch, and have been looking for an mp3 for years. The “Listen!” link doesn’t work. Is there any chance you can send that to my email? It is one of my all time favorites. Also, is there something I might have that you have been looking for?

        Tony P

  3. i like your blog and i also like burningtheground with dj Paul…some great song you post on rapidshare and the links are dead so if you can reupload them on some other services so i can download them….wish you all the best…

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