George Benson – Twice The Love (1988)

George Benson has been a legend in the jazz-pop genre since the release of his first album in 1964, but it was his collaboration with mega-producer Quincy Jones in 1980 and the resulting album “Give Me The Night” which would give George a major breakthrough pop album.

Through the 80’s George would continue to regularly release new material with varying degrees of success and singles such as 20/20 (1985) and Shiver (1986) would benefit greatly from remixes by Jellybean and Nick Martinelli, respectively.

For the title track from his 1988 album “Twice The Love” George would turn to Shep Pettibone and the resulting remixes, although not getting the recognition that Shep’s recent work for Janet Jackson, Madonna or New Order had received, are outstanding and certainly stand up there with Shep’s best.

All mixes are from the US Warner Bros 12″ single.

A1 Twice The Love (Guitar Love Mix)     5:45

A2 Twice The Love (Guitar Love Edit)    4:05

B1 Twice The Love (Club Love Edit)         7:43

B2 Twice The Love (Club Love Dub)         7:39

Listen !


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      Will let you know when link is good.


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