Hipsway – Ask The Lord (1987)

Hipsway were a Scottish pop/rock band formed in Glasgow in 1984 by ex-Altered Images guitarist Johnny McElhone.  The band released their first self-titled album in 1986 and would receive moderate success with the album and its first single “The Honeythief”, McElhone would subsequently leave the band to form Texas who would go on to greater success.

The single “Ask The Lord” was released in a number of different remixes and for the US market, the track would be remixed by Francois Kevorkian for the Mercury 12″ single.

A  Ask The Lord (Dance Mix)     6:56

B   Ask The Lord (Dub Mix)         4:11

Listen !

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3 comments on “Hipsway – Ask The Lord (1987)

  1. Thanks for this post, I never knew there was a different 12″ mix for the US. I think the re-released UK 12″ mix is better, though and have ripped it if you’d like a copy?

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