Fatback – The Girl Is Fine (So Fine) (1983)

The Fatback Band (later, simply Fatback) is an American funk and disco band. Most popular in the 1970s and 1980s, The Fatback Band is most known for their Top Ten R&B hits, “(Do The) Spanish Hustle”, “I Like Girls”, “Gotta Get My Hands on Some (Money)”, and “Backstrokin'”. Their 1979 single “King Tim III (Personality Jock)” is sometimes considered the first hip hop single.

Formed in New York City in 1970, The Fatback Band was the concept of Bill Curtis, an experienced session drummer, inspired to merge the “fatback” jazz beat of New Orleans into a funk band. In addition to Curtis, the band’s initial line-up included guitarist Johnny King, bassist Johnny Flippin, trumpet player George Williams, saxophonist Earl Shelton, flautist George Adams, and keyboardist Gerry Thomas. The band specialized in playing “street funk”. The group also later included conga player Wayne Woolford, vocalists Jayne and Gerry, Deborah Cooper saxophonist Fred Demerey, guitarist Louis Wright and George Victory.

In 1980, Fatback had a pair of their biggest hits with “Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money)” and “Backstrokin'”. Also finding the charts in the 1980s were “Take It Any Way You Can’t It”, “I Found Lovin'”, and “Spread Love”, with singer Evelyn Thomas, in 1985.

It was during this successful period that Fatback released the single “The Girl Is Fine (So Fine)” in 1983, the Dance Version on the Spring Records 12″ was remixed by Francois Kevorkian.

The Girl Is Fine (So Fine) (Long Version)      5:52

The Girl Is Fine (So Fine) (Dance Version)    5:46

Listen !

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3 comments on “Fatback – The Girl Is Fine (So Fine) (1983)

  1. Hi eightiesviny just found your blog congrats
    Thank you for sharing all this very hard to find tracks
    letting us listen to them
    A big fan of Francois Kevorkian Shep Pettibone
    Can you fix the link it is the same as the Howard Hewett link

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