Barracuda – Ain’t No Big Deal (1983)

“Ain’t No Big Deal” was a track by Madonna produced by Reggie Lucas in 1982 and released as the B-side of her “True Blue” single in 1986.

Originally intended to be Madonna’s first single. Three more separate unreleased studio versions were also produced each by Mark Kamins, Stephen Bray and John “Jellybean” Benitez. They were all shelved by Sire Records when the song was recorded and released in 1983 by the female disco act Barracuda on Epic Records 12″ vinyl. Credited as written only by Stephen Bray due to a publisher contract with July 4 Music. It was actually a Madonna co-write so she is understood to have taken sole writing credit for “Everybody” in trade.

The Barracuda version of the track had so many good credits on it, it was a must buy, written by Stephen Bray (Breakfast Club), produced by Alec Head (B B & Q Band, Change) and mixed by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero.

Ain’t No Big Deal           7:17

Listen !


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