David Lasley – Teamwork (1984)

David Andrew Lasley (born August 20, 1947 in Branch, Michigan) is an American singer-songwriter, best known for his contributions as a background singer for such artists as Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor and Luther Vandross.

Lasley started his music career in his teens, forming a singing group with his sister and achieving some success in the Detroit area. In 1970 he joined the cast of Hair, performing first in Detroit and then on tour. This led to a move to New York City, and performances on and off-Broadway.

Lasley started his career as a back-up singer at this time. Along with Vandross, he performed on many of Chic’s and Sister Sledge’s recordings.

In 1977 he began touring and recording with James Taylor. Other performers that he has worked with include Todd Rundgren, Melissa Manchester and Bonnie Raitt, who has recorded a number of Lasley’s compositions.

In 1984, David contributed to the “Body Rock Soundtrack” with the track “Teamwork”, remixed by Francois Kevorkian for the US 12″ single.

Teamwork (Extended Mix)             5:58

Teamwork (Extended Dub Mix)    4:02

Listen !


3 comments on “David Lasley – Teamwork (1984)

  1. Hi. I left a reply in the wrong place so re-posting here. Is there any chance you can re-up the David Lasley “Temawork” or send to my email. Thank you a BUNCH for the time you devoted to recording this great vinyl. I am 50+ and have this 12-inch but always wanted an mp3.


    • Hi Tony, I have been a bit slack in moving my links over from Rapidshare, will do a bunch this weekend and I will make sure this one is amongst them, Thanks for visiting the blog EV

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