Models – Out Of Mind Out Of Sight (Nix Mix) (1985)

This post came about from a comment on the US Remix for Out Of Mind Out Of Sight where a reader questioned whether the track was actually the more common Australian remix and not the longer US remix. The mystery was mainly due to some incorrect song lengths on Discogs and mis-printed record labels but as there indeed was some confusion, I decided to track down the original remix for comparison.

I decided to go for the German pressing as Australian and NZ 12″ singles in the 80’s were often packaged in flimsy paper sleeves which have not aged well over the past 25-30 years, I also picked up the Australian 2005 re-release of the “Out Of Mind Out Of Sight” album which included three bonus 12″ remixes on it (a bargain at $10 brand new) but the CD has absolutely no credits on it.

What I can now definitively tell you is that the original Nick Launay remix is the 6:18 version, it was released on 12″ single in Australia and Germany and in the US on 12″ promo. As far as I can tell it has never been released on CD.

The Thompson/Barbiero remix runs 5:54 and was released in the US on 12″ single only but for some strange reason, it was also used as the 12″ bonus remix on the 2005 album re-release, this is odd as this remix was never released in Australia.

It’s now looking like the longer Nick Launay remix is the rarer track to find so I’m happy the question was asked as I now have a nice new 12″ added to the collection.

Out Of Mind Out Of Sight (Nix Mix)    6:18

Listen !

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2 comments on “Models – Out Of Mind Out Of Sight (Nix Mix) (1985)

  1. What a great site, good job, just gonna say I am sitting here right now with the original Models Out Of Mind Out of Sight cassette that I bought back in 1985 and the nix mix song is the original from the tape.Yes it was called the extended dance mix but it did come out on the aussie tape. It was on side B first song. Have re bought this album from iTunes but the re release does not have this version. Awesome job.

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