The Flirts – New Toy (1985)

The Flirts were a female trio from New York City who had several dance hits and music videos on MTV in the early eighties when the channel was still in its infancy. The group was created and masterminded by American producer, Bobby Orlando aka ‘Bobby O’, an artist in his own right. The trio – initially Andrea, Holly and Rebecca – are best known for quirky and/or sensual New Wave, Hi-NRG and Dance-pop tunes but the band’s line-up would change with each album release and by 1985, the trio consisted of Tricia, Debby and Christina.

The Flirts’ biggest chart success in America was with “You & Me”, which hit number one on the Hot Dance Club Play chart in 1985, helped along by an early Shep Pettibone club mix.

This band would return to Shep Pettibone for the follow-up single “New Toy”, both hits would appear on the “Blondes Brunettes & Redheads” album.

New Toy                                            6:53

New Toy (Another Version)               6:50



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