Data – Stop / Blow (1985)

DATA were an electronic music band created in the late 1970s by Georg Kajanus, creator of such bands as Eclection, Sailor and Noir (with Tim Dry of the robotic/music duo Tik and Tok). After the break-up of Sailor in the late Seventies, Kajanus decided to experiment with electronic music and formed DATA, together with vocalists Francesca (“Frankie”) and Phillipa (“Phil”) Boulter, daughters of British singer John Boulter.

The classically orientated title track of DATA’s first album, Opera Electronica, was used as the theme music to the short film, Towers of Babel (1981), which was directed by Jonathan Lewis and starred Anna Quayle and Ken Campbell. Towers of Babel was nominated for a BAFTA award in 1982 and won the Silver Hugo Award for Best Short Film at the Chicago International Film Festival of the same year.

DATA released two more albums, the experimental 2-Time (1983) and the Country & Western-inspired electronica album Elegant Machinery (1985). The title of the last album was the inspiration for the name of Swedish pop synth group , elegant MACHINERY, formerly known as Pole Position.

The first single to be released from the album “Elegant Machinery” was “Blow” in 1984 but this would be followed up in the following year with a 12″ single that paired a remix of “Blow” by Scott Blackwell with a remix of “Stop” by Ivan Ivan.

Stop (Remix)       6:05

Blow (Remix)       6:18

Listen !

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