NV – It’s Alright (1983)

Darryl Raymond Payne (born 1961) is an American post-disco record producer and songwriter who worked on dance and urban hits of artists like Sharon Redd and Sinnamon, and also produced music mostly released on SAM and Prelude Records

In 1983, after writing hits for Sinnamon, Sharon Redd and France Joli and building a relationship with Shep Pettibone, Darryl embarked on a side-project titled NV.

NV would release singles on Sire Records in 1983 (It’s Alright) and 1984 (Let Me Do You), both featuring fierce Shep Pettibone remixes.

It’s Alright (Extended Version)           6:55

It’s Alright (Extended Dub Version)    9:27

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Holly Knight – Heart Don’t Fail Me Now (1988)

Holly Knight is a songwriter, vocalist and musician of pop and rock music, she was born in New York City and started playing classical piano as a young child. She soon became interested in rock music, and left home at about sixteen to pursue her dreams. Five years later, in the early 1980s, her band Spider (featuring Anton Fig of Late Show with David Letterman) got a recording contract with Dreamland Records, released two albums – Spider (self-titled; 1980) and Between the Lines (1981) and was managed by Bill Aucoin, who had also managed KISS and Billy Idol, among others. She had a second band called Device in the mid 1980s, who had a hit with “Hanging on a Heart Attack” off their 22B3 album.

In 1988, Holly released her only solo album, the self-titled album would be promoted by the release of two singles, the first was “Every Man’s Fear” followed up with “Heart Don’t Fail Me Now’

“Heart Don’t Fail Me Now” included backing vocals by Daryl Hall with remixes by Chris Lord-Alge

Heart Don’t Fail Me Now (Extended Remix)   5:33

Heart Don’t Fail Me Now (Edit)                     5:07

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Shakatak – Down On The Street (Dance Mix) (1984)

British jazz-funk combo Shakatak formed in London in 1980. Originally comprising keyboardists Bill Sharpe and Nigel Wright, guitarist Keith Winter, bassist Steve Underwood, and drummer Roger Odell, the group quickly scored an underground hit with its debut single “Steppin’,” cracking the British Top 50 the following year with the singles “Livin’ in the UK” and “Brazilian Dawn.”

After releasing four albums, all which yielded hits, Shakatak underwent a subtle change in musical direction, yet still retaining the band’s identity, Jill Saward (formerly of Fusion Orchestra, Brandy and Citizen Gang) became their lead singer to make Shakatak’s fifth album, Down on the Street. The resulting single releases “Down on the Street” and “Watching You” had great success, and brought them attention in new parts of the world.

The single brought the band their only chart success in the US and was remixed by John Morales and Sergio Munzibai (M & M Productions)

Down On The Street (Dance Mix)   6:48

Holding On                                   4:35

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Jeffrey Osborne – The Borderlines (1985)

Jeffrey Linton Osborne (born March 9, 1948) is an American funk and R&B musician, songwriter, lyricist, and former lead singer of the band, L.T.D

In 1982, Osborne released his self-titled debut album, which featured two hit singles, “On the Wings of Love” and “I Really Don’t Need No Light”, peaking at #29 & #39 on the pop chart respectively. This was followed up the next year by Stay with Me Tonight, his first gold album (later reaching platinum album status), which spawned two more hits, “Don’t You Get So Mad” (#25) and the title track (#30). “Stay with Me Tonight” (April 1984, #18) and “On the Wings of Love” (June 1984, #11) reach the UK Singles Chart.

In 1984, Jeffrey released his third solo album for A&M Records “Don’t Stop”, the first single would be the title track which went to #44 on the US Pop Charts and #6 on the US R&B Charts.

The follow up single was “The Borderlines” which was mixed by Larry Levan and Judy Weinstein and would reach #38 on the US Pop Charts and #7 on the US R&B Charts.

The Borderlines (Specially Re-Mixed Version)    6:52

The Borderlines (Dub Version)                          7:57

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Marilyn Scott – 10 x 10 (1983)

Marilyn Scott (born December 21, 1949 in Altadena, California) is an American jazz vocalist.

Scott got her start performing locally at age 15. She went to college in San Francisco, singing in both jazz and pop ensembles there. She was noticed by Emilio Castillo, a member of Tower of Power, who hired her to do backing vocals for the group.This led to further work as a session musician in Los Angeles, working with Spyro Gyra, The Yellowjackets, Hiroshima, Etta James, and Bobby Womack. She also appeared in a production of Selma, about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Scott’s first single was a cover of Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows”, which was a hit in the U.S. and was followed with the 1979 full-length Dreams of Tomorrow. Her 1991 release Without Warning was critically acclaimed among jazz writers.Her duet with Bobby Caldwell, “Sky Dancing”, was a hit in Japan, and she toured that country following its success.

In 1983, Marilyn released her second album “Without Warning”, produced by Michael Sembello. The single “10 x 10″ was released in the US only on 12” single with remixes by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero.

10 x 10 (Dub Version)         5:17

10 x 10 (LP Version)           3:47

10 x 10 (Dance Mix)            5:30

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Peking Man – Room That Echoes (1985)

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Peking Man were hugely successful New Zealand band during the 1980s.

Margaret Urlich shared vocals with sibling Pat and the band members consisted of Tim Calder, Perry Marshall, Jan Foulkes, Neville Hall, John Fearon and Jay F-bula. Peking Man had a number of hit songs in New Zealand, “Good Luck to You”, which reached #6, “Lift Your Head Up High”, reaching #21 and the number one, “Room That Echoes”, in 1985.

‘Room That Echoes’ saw them dominate the 1986 NZ Music Awards, taking home the award for Best Male Vocalist, Best Female Vocalist, Best Group, Album and Single of the Year. Margaret later went solo; shifting to Australia and releasing her debut album in 1989.

Room That Echoes (Extended Mix)          6:30

Lift Your Head Up High (Extended Mix)     6:32

Vision High                                            3:55

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Hard Corps – Lucky Charm (1987)

To follow up yesterday’s post of  Hard Corps’ first release on the Polydor label, today we have the band’s last single “Lucky Charm” which was released on the Rhythm King label in 1987.

At the time Rhythm King were a small independent UK label who had released a handful of UK dance acts as well as the first Schooly D album, the label would hit it big the following year in 1988 with artists such as Bomb The Bass and S’Express.

Lucky Charm                           6:05

Porte-Bonheur                         6:08

Lucky Charm (The Music)        4:22

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Hard Corps – To Breathe (1985)


Hard Corps were a synthpop band from Brixton, South London. In 1983, after years of experimenting with Bowie and Ferry clones and building an arsenal of backing tracks, the three originators, Hugh Ashton, Robert Doran and Clive Pierce, were introduced to ‘stage performer’, French born, Regine Fetet. Although having never sung in public before, Regine’s enigmatic, fragile, human voice lent itself and brought alive the cold, pounding machined music the sound engineers were creating.

The first release by the band in June 1984 on Survival Records paired the rhythmic attack of Dirty and the softer, melodic, pulse of Respirer (To Breathe)

Their ill-fated dealings with high street giants Polydor which followed, gave the band a chance to work with a couple of their most most favoured and respected producers, Martin Rushent and Mute supremo, Daniel Miller. Polydor would release two singles by the band, the first “Je Suis Passee’ in May-August 1985 followed by a re-recording of their first single “To Breathe”.
The band would support Depeche Mode (Music For The Masses Tour) and The Cure (Head On The Door Tour), the final single by the band “Lucky Charm” was released in 1987 and unfortunately the band would not go on to record an album.

To Breathe (Extended)                    5:46

Metal And Flesh                             5:30

To Breathe (Instrumental)               3:50

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Arnie’s Love – Date With The Rain (1983)

Arnie C. Joseph aka “The Gospel Teddy Bear” released two tracks as “Arnie’s Love” in 1983, the first being “Date With The Rain” on Profile Records, followed up with “I’m Out Of Your Life” on Radar Records.

“I’m Out Of Your Life” has appeared on a number of Funk/Soul compilations over the years but unfortunately “Date With The Rain”, despite having a strong Shep Pettibone mix has never been made available again.

“Date With The Rain” was written by Bobby Miller and was originally recorded by Eddie Kendricks in 1974, other versions of the track have been recorded by Billy Griffin and Jamie Principle.

Date With The Rain                        6:35

Date With The Rain (Instrumental)   6:15

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400 Blows – Movin’ (1985)

400 Blows were formed in Croydon, South London by Edward Beer in 1981 along with two friends, Alexander Fraser and Rob. Their debut single was released on their own Concrete Productions record label in 1982. In 1983 they were signed to the Illuminated label and subsequently released an album, “…if I kissed her I’d have to kill her first…” (a quote from serial killer Edmund Kemper to his sister, who was teasing him about wanting to kiss his teacher). In 1985 they released a single, “Movin'”, described by Adrian Thrills in the New Musical Express as ‘a spiked reworking of the 1976 Brass Construction dance classic’. It reached 54 in the UK Singles Chart.By this time the line up was Beer, Anthony Thorpe, and Lea, formerly the female half of the duo Tom Boy. Scott Fraser continues to be a leading light in the alternative/underground music movement.

Movin’                             6:38

Groove Jumping             3:19

Conscience                    4:15

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