Timex Social Club – Mixed Up World (1986)

The forerunner to Club Nouveau, the Timex Social Club were formed in 1982 in Berkeley, CA by Marcus Thompson, Gregory “Greg B” Thomas, Michael Marshall, Craig Samuel, and Darrien Cleage. After going by the name the Timex Crew, they switched names when Thomas, Samuel, and Cleage dropped out and Alex Hill and Kevin Moore joined up. The group had one huge hit in 1986, the R&B chart-topper “Rumors.” It peaked at number eight pop, and featured Marshall’s vocals. The two follow-up singles, “Thinkin’ About Ya” and “Mixed Up World,” both made the R&B Top 20, but producer Jay King formed his own band, Club Nouveau, shortly afterward, and the Timex Social Club disbanded.

The final single to be released from the album “Vicious Rumors” was “Mixed Up World” with two mixes by Phil Harding for PWL.

Mixed Up World (Extended Version)      8:39

Mixed Up World (Euro-Mix)                       8:30

Listen !


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