ABC – How To Be A Zillionaire (1985)

One of the most popular new wave bands of the early ’80s, the British group ABC built upon the detached, synthesized R&B pop of David Bowie and Roxy Music, adding a self-conscious, campy sense of theatrics and style. Under the direction of vocalist Martin Fry, the group scored several catchy, synth-driven dance-pop hits in the early ’80s, including “Poison Arrow,” “Look of Love,” and “Be Near Me.”

After the poor reception to the band’s second album “Beauty Stab”, Martin Fry and Mark White then enlisted Fiona Russell-Powell (known as Eden) and David Yarritu. This lineup recorded the 1985 album How To Be A…Zillionaire!,which had a cartoon-type theme. ABC’s chart fortunes in the UK dwindled further with this album, but the group did score its first US Top 10 hit with “Be Near Me”, which also made the UK Top 30. The album also featured the singles “(How to Be a) Millionaire”, “Vanity Kills” and “Ocean Blue”.Keith LeBlanc from Tackhead programmed much of the beatbox work for the album. ABC was one of the first bands to do video scratching for several videos from the How to Be a… Zillionaire album, including the video for “Be Near Me”.

The single “How To Be A Millionaire” was retitled for the 12″ single releases and on this US Edition, the Nickel & Dime Mix & Tower Of London Extended Version are by Julian Mendelsohn

How To Be A Zillionaire (Nickel & Dime Mix)    5:22

How To Be A Zillionaire (Bond Street Mix)       6:05

Tower Of London (Extended Version)              5:58

Listen !

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