Guy – Teddy’s Jam (1988)

The 80’s gave us post-punk, new wave, new romantic, post-disco r&b/dance, brit soul, house, indie, college rock, alt rock, goth rock, rap, hair metal, in fact probably more genres had wildly successful periods during 1980-89 than in the 20+ years since the 80’s ended and this is one of the reasons why there is still so much interest in this era, never before or since has there been so many different types of music competing for their place in history and each and every one of them had their devoted following, but as the 80’s drew to a close there would be one more genre to come, spearheaded by producer/writer/performer Teddy Riley, New Jack Swing would hit the charts in 1987 with Keith Sweat and Heavy D & The Boyz, followed in 1988 by Bobby Brown and continue into the early 90’s with Wreckx-N- Effect and Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time” , but it would be Teddy Riley’s own band Guy who would release consistently the best examples of this irresistibly catchy sound.

Guy was formed in Harlem, New York in 1987 by R&B singer-songwriters Aaron Hall, young musician/record producer Teddy Riley and Timmy Gatling. Riley and Gatling were childhood friends growing up in Harlem, and previously collaborated in the band Kids At Work.As Riley’s reputation as a Hip hop producer grew in the mid-1980s, Hall was recruited to be the lead vocalist of what would become Guy.As well as writing songs for their trio, Riley and Hall collaborated on songwriting and production for Johnny Kemp (“Just Got Paid”) and Bobby Brown (“My Prerogative”).

Under the guidance of manager Gene Griffin, the group signed to Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records, releasing their self-titled debut, Guy, in 1988. Gatling left after recording was completed and was quickly replaced by Aaron’s younger brother Damion Hall for the promotion and tour (with New Edition) of the record. The album contained the hit singles “Groove Me”, “Spend the Night”, “Teddy’s Jam,” “I Like” and “‘Round And ‘Round (Merry-Go-Round of Love)” as well as “Piece of My Love” and “Goodbye Love”. The album earned Riley and the Hall brothers international fame as it went triple platinum.

The third single from the band’s debut album was “Teddy’s Jam” which reached #5 on the US R&B charts and #25 on the US Dance charts.

Teddy’s Jam (Extended Version)        7:50

Teddy’s Jam (Club Mix)                    4:36

Teddy’s Jazz                                   4:45

Listen !

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