Models – God Bless America (1984)

To round off a series of posts of rare extended Models singles from 1984-1985 I picked up the Australian pressing of the “Cold Fever” 12″ single from 1985 yesterday, this version contains the extended Nick Launay mix of “God Bless America” and a non-LP track “No Talking”

“God Bless America” had been released in 1984 as a single from the album “The Pleasure Of Your Company”, it had little chart success but was notable for the inclusion of the band “I’m Talking” (Kate Ceberano & Zan Abeyratne) in the video, Kate & Zan would return to provide backing vocals on the “Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight” album.

God Bless America (12″ Version)        6:05

No Talking                                        3:59

Listen !

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7 comments on “Models – God Bless America (1984)

  1. Just discovering your site for the 1st time! Excellent material and top-notch recordings! Thanks for the Models material. I had their CD’s and a few promo 12 “s. The cassette version of ‘Out Of Mind…'(1986) included an entire (side 2) of the 12 inch versions! Best to you!

  2. Hi, congratulations on a great site with some real gems and blasts from the past. The God Bless America link isn’t working, i would love the extended version. I remember it being on an old surfing VHS (!) from years ago. If you’re interested in any other Models or related rarities, drop me a line……

      • You must be one busy guy!! I’m noticing comments that have not been replied to. Since you were on a roll with responses. great job once again on all these posts (Your Blog).
        Models seem just be re-issuing some stuff and not deluxe versions. I did hear of them from somebody else putting out a box, called the Magnetic Box. News was 2013.
        Other than the 2014 GTK album (Only purchased at their concert I believe, that is it)
        Maybe soon or at least around the corner………
        Anyway hope you see this and yes! the links are dead still dead. If you can re-up these (Much Appreciated!!). Also the mental As anything 12″s/EP’s and the Mondom Rock 12″ the Modern Bop. Thank you – hope you see this…… Yes! ???

  3. eightiesvinyl – Great Job on these posts. Sorry I’m a late discoverer but if you can in some way re-link the Models (Everything) & Mondo Rock 12″s, especially the Modern Bop 12er, excellent !!!!

    Thank you in advance !!!!

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