Wally Jump Jr & The Criminal Element – Jummp-Back (1986)

“Jummp-Back” was the proud owner of the first catalogue number on Arthur Baker’s Criminal Records label, CRIM 00001 in 1986.

The label would go on to release classic club tracks like “I.O.U.” by Freeez, “January,February” by Tina B and the all-time genius of “Put The Needle To The Record” by Criminal Element Orchestra which was written, produced and mixed by Wally Jump Jr.

A year before Wally made dancefloor history with “Put The Needle To The Record”, he released his first single “Jummp-Back”, the credits would read Produced and Propriated By Arthur Baker, Mixed By Shep Pettibone and Arthur Baker and Edited By Junior Vasquez. With vocals by Craig Derry, Rockers Revenge and Will Downing, this one is essential for all fans of freestyle electro.

Jummp-Back (Freeman Mix)          7:49

Emu Dub Back                             8:30

Chant Back (Miss Me Mix)          10:10

Lo-Lo Reggae Rap Version            7:30

Listen !

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