Peking Man – Room That Echoes (1985)

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Peking Man were hugely successful New Zealand band during the 1980s.

Margaret Urlich shared vocals with sibling Pat and the band members consisted of Tim Calder, Perry Marshall, Jan Foulkes, Neville Hall, John Fearon and Jay F-bula. Peking Man had a number of hit songs in New Zealand, “Good Luck to You”, which reached #6, “Lift Your Head Up High”, reaching #21 and the number one, “Room That Echoes”, in 1985.

‘Room That Echoes’ saw them dominate the 1986 NZ Music Awards, taking home the award for Best Male Vocalist, Best Female Vocalist, Best Group, Album and Single of the Year. Margaret later went solo; shifting to Australia and releasing her debut album in 1989.

Room That Echoes (Extended Mix)          6:30

Lift Your Head Up High (Extended Mix)     6:32

Vision High                                            3:55

Listen !


14 comments on “Peking Man – Room That Echoes (1985)

  1. Thanks to remember my request and post this song but my friend the song Room That Echoes is cutted 7 minutes at the end.It’s very boring when you have this raritie and you want listen the song until the end and suddenly the song quickly finish when the singers still singing.You wrote in the post 6:30, where’s the right end.But thanks anyway.Next time advice that song is cut.

    • Hi Rob, Let me check the record tonight, I get the song lengths from discogs which are usually lifted straight from the vinyl label but can often be wrong. I did a track in the weekend by Howard Johnson (Knees), label and discogs had length listed at 5.31 but actual was closer to 8.30 (5.31 was the the length of the album version).

      I can guarantee that song is not cut, its a direct lift from 12″ single so I will correct the song length in the post.

  2. Ok but listen very carrefuly in 6:20 to 23 when they sing:”round and round” suddenly “tuufff” finish the song, i believe in you, maybe the next five or seven seconds, could be the sound of the vinyl when it still playing, but the sound of itself noise, you know the noise of vinyl.Please look what you can do, because i’ve been search for this song for four years.Thanks for attention and answer.God bless you to work and worry about my request.Bye.

  3. Checked this one, all is okay, track goes into a closing fade about the 6:10 mark, when I play this on my PC it fades for 13 seconds and that is the end of the track, take another listen and let me know if you think there is still a problem, happy listening !

  4. Ok it’s still cutted on the second’s end, im sorry i told you minutes, please do you have the vinyl original? When the song gets in 6:23 it’s cut, very strange and bored.But if you said that you got this vinyl this way, ok!I won’t try again.Please do you have an e-mail to send to you the song, and you check it out what’s the problem?I’ll wait for your comments, bye.

  5. I will need to replay the record and try another rip to see if it comes out any different, will do this on Saturday and let you know the results. I can say that I played the MP3 file on my iTunes last night and the track faded out perfectly but I am happy to recheck it for you.

  6. Thanks again, im happy to see your worry to attend my request.My friend do you have a song called Face To Face by Real Life.It’s from 1985 from the album Flame, but they released a single with extended version, well i hope that you can fix the Peking Man’s song and find this another.Bye

  7. Ok now it’s fine, thanks again.Dude may i leave a list of songs that i can’t find anywhere?This “Big List”, i know that maybe you don’t have everything, because is synth pop bands and artists.I love this genre of music from the 80’s, and i know that you can’t post all in one day but i’ll wait.So here it comes:

    Howard Devoto – Rainy Season
    Mathématiques Modernes – Disco Rough
    Kas Product – Pussy X
    The Riptides – Hearts And Flowers
    Seppuku – New Illusion
    TV 21 – All Join Hands
    Nacht Und Nebel – Beats Of Love
    Quando Quango – Love Tempo
    Quando Quango – Genius
    Bocal 5 – Moska
    Der Plan – Gummitwist
    Sean Heyden – Party Boy
    Art Style – Me and Me
    Art Interface – Secretaries From Heaven
    He Said – Pump
    Minuit Polonia – Ibiza Underground
    The Reporters – Computer World
    Plastic Bertrand – Major Tom
    Red Turns To – Deep Sleep
    Jacqui Brookes – Lost Without Your Love
    Karman – Poker
    Tom Robinson – Now Martin’s Gone
    Lavabos Iturriaga – China
    The Climb – Touch Me
    Martin Rossel – Pablo Picasso
    The Units – The Right Man
    Metroplitan – Basa Du
    Paris France Transit – Paris-France
    Trevor Herion – Kiss Of No Return
    Nits – Slip Of The Tongue
    Mickey Bliss – Venus Dressed in Plastic Garbage
    Tone Band – Tokyo Twist
    Ballistic Kisses – Five O’Clock World
    Die Hornissen – Pale Blue Eyes
    Passion Polka – Obsessions
    I Spy – Channels
    The News – Hole In My Shoe
    Zoo Boutique – Forgive And Forget
    Eduard Parma Jr.- King Kong in Hong Kong
    Popular Voice – Home For Summer
    T34 – Rock On
    Chrome Dinette – Robot Love
    Bellaboris – Odotus
    Demian – Kapek
    Scribble – Silly Girl
    Two Supply – Hotel Berlin
    Expandis – Mystic Man
    The Group – Technology
    Robbie Rae – Finger On It
    The Jumpers – You Don’t See It
    Storm In A Nutshell – Anatomy
    Shinobu – Ceramic Love
    Ad Infinitum – Telstar
    Jules Shear – When Love Surges
    Kam Sha – He Will Sleep
    3D – Break the Fix(Ation)
    Rive Gauche – Friends Are Friends
    Mánía – (Talk, Talk)…In Japan
    Alternative Radio – Valley of Evergreen
    Glass Museum – A Friend Departed
    Engine Room – Wild Times
    Life – Tell Me
    A Bigger Splash – I Don’t Belive A Word
    Gee Mr.Tracy – I Wish The Whole Damn World Was In A Bottle

  8. Sorry there’s more:

    The Other People – Have A Nice Day
    Max & Intro – We Design The Future
    Paul Roland – Death Or Glory
    Vitabeats – Boom Box
    Vitabeats – Audrey
    Echo Romeo – Your Tears
    Doppelganger – Communication Breakdown
    Red Violet Red – Candy Cane
    Geisha – Kabuki
    Geisha – Fool’s Away
    Bonnie Benedict – I’ll Be Waiting
    Marten Ingle – Heart Break Side Of The Night
    Security – Total Destruction
    Nóvé – Boris B.

    • I actually did the Howard Devoto 12″ single last weekend but wasn’t going to post it as the A side is the same as the album version and the B side was on the CD re-release.
      I have the Doppelganger 12″ and plan to post that at some point.

  9. Great job! Many thanks for all those free downloads, I used to have this vinyl & had forgotten all about this band.
    Unfortunatly the link for this record is broken, it it possible to get a re-up?
    Thank you in advance

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