Scritti Politti – Hypnotize (1984)

Scritti Politti are a British band, originally formed in 1977 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.Although there have been various changes to the line-up, Cardiff-born singer-songwriter Green Gartside was the founding member of the band and the only member to have remained throughout the group’s history.

Gartside signed with Virgin Records in 1983 (and with Warner Bros. in the US.) and moved to New York.

Collaborating with veteran producer Arif Mardin, David Gamson and Fred Maher, the first recording to emerge from these sessions was the single: “Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)”.Released in April 1984, “Wood Beez” was an immediate UK hit, peaking at #10,and was also successful in Australia, charting at #25. A series of intricately-programmed dance/soul-style hits followed, including “Absolute” (UK #17), “Hypnotize” (UK #68) and the reggae-styled “The Word Girl”, which became Scritti Politti’s biggest UK hit single, climbing to #6 in May 1985.

Hypnotize (Version 1)             4:24

Hypnotize (7″ Single Mix)      3:36

Hypnotize (Version 2)             6:32

Listen !


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