Boy George – You Found Another Guy (1989)

In the 3 months since I started posting up rare 80’s vinyl treats for my readers, I have been constantly surprised at which posts receive the most attention. An early post of new jack swing era Boy George has received the most traffic by far on this site and inspired me to put up the other hit from this year.

I came across these tracks because I’m a big Teddy Riley fan and the strange combination of Teddy Riley and Boy George was too interesting not too investigate further.

So today I bring you another 12″ single from the 1989 “Boyfriend” album, once again it was the credits that made “You Found Another Guy”  a must buy for me, written by Bernard Belle (brother of Regina), Gene Griffin and Ross Middleton (Positive Noise/Leisure Process), arranged by Teddy Riley and produced by Gene Griffin.

“You Found Another Guy’ reached the Top 40 of the US R&B charts.

You Found Another Guy (12″ Mix)    5:28

You Found Another Guy (7” Edit)      4:02

Listen !


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