Time Bandits – Endless Road (Ben Liebrand Remix) (1985)

Dutch pop group “Time Bandits” had a successful career in Europe and for a period in the mid 80’s, this success spread to the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Although they are best known in the US and New Zealand for the single “I’m Only Shooting Love” which would reach the #1 spot on the NZ charts and #2 on the US Hot Dance Music Chart in 1985, in Australia this single would hit #9 resulting in a major Australian tour and by the end of 1985, the band would release “Endless Road” as a single and this would become their most successful Australian release, accompanied by a video filmed on the Australian tour, “Endless Road” would go to #5 on the charts.

In the UK and the Netherlands, “Endless Road” was remixed by legendary Dutch DJ “Ben Liebrand” and have the US remix by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero of “I’m Only Shooting Love” included on the B side.

Endless Road (High Energy Dance Mix)                      7:30

I’m Only Shooting Love (Special U.S. Re-mix)              7:19

Listen !


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