ABC – King Without A Crown (1987)

Following a hiatus while Martin Fry was treated for Hodgkin’s disease, ABC returned to the studio to record Alphabet City, which they thought might be their final album. The album was released in 1987 and was best known for “When Smokey Sings”, a tribute to Smokey Robinson, the album also spawned “The Night You Murdered Love” and “King Without a Crown” as singles. Many critics lauded Alphabet City as a return to form for the group, noting its polished production by Fry and White in conjunction with Bernard Edwards, best known for his work with Chic. The album’s title and the names of several songs were inspired by the Alphabet City section of Manhattan, New York, where Fry and White lived for a time prior to the album’s release.

“King Without A Crown” reached #44 on the UK singles chart and the US 12″ single included remixes by Julian Mendelsohn and Mixmaster Pete Hammond on the A side with three live tracks recorded at the Boston Metro in 1982 on the B Side.

King Without A Crown (The Mendelsohn Mix)  5:16

King Without A Crown (The Monarchy Mix)      8:39

The Look Of Love (Live)                                    4:50

Poison Arrow (Live)                                        4:52

All Of My Heart (Live)                                    5:00

Listen !

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