Brilliant – Colours (1983)

Brilliant first came to life in 1982, as post-punk band Killing Joke was crumbling under internal conflicts. Unsatisfied with his bandmates’ following of the occult lifestyle, Killing Joke’s bass player Youth decided to call it quits and recorded an angry slandering song against his former bandmates. The song, That’s What Good Friends Are For…, an obvious mock of Killing Joke’s second album What’s THIS for…?, was credited to “Brilliant”, which was a name of a Killing Joke b-side and a general 1980s buzzword.

For the first incarnation of Brilliant as a full band, Youth recruited Marcus Myers on vocals and guitar, a second bass player Guy Pratt (who left for the Australian band Icehouse and was replaced by Frenchman Stephane “Tin Tin” Holweck prior to their first live performances), and the two drummers Andy Anderson (The Cure) and Peter Ogi, along with synthethist Rob Waugh. They released two singles, ‘That’s What Good Friends Are For…/Push’ (Limelight Music LIME 001/A/B with a sleeve by Mark Alleyne) and ‘Colours’ (through Rough Trade Records with a sleeve by Mark Manning) and recorded a BBC session for John Peel.

Colours reached #11 on the UK Indie Charts and was produced by Tony Wilson.

Colours                                       5:13

Colours (Monster Mix)        6:18

Listen !


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