China Crisis – Wishful Thinking (1983)

China Crisis is an English pop/rock band. They were formed in 1979 in Kirkby, near Liverpool, Merseyside with a core of vocalist/keyboardist Gary Daly and guitarist Eddie Lundon. 

The band was signed to Virgin Records and recorded their debut album, Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms Some People Think It’s Fun To Entertain, which was released in December 1982.A re-release of “African & White” became China Crisis’ first hit in the United Kingdom, reaching #45 in the UK Singles Chart. The follow-up single, “Christian”, made UK #12 in early 1983 and brought them to national prominence.  The album peaked at #21 in the UK Albums Chart.During this period the band toured supporting Simple Minds.

Adding Gary “Gazza” Johnson (bass) and Kevin Wilkinson (drums) to the line-up, a second album, Working with Fire and Steel – Possible Pop Songs Volume Two, was released in November 1983.Tracks included the singles “Tragedy and Mystery” (released six months earlier) and “Hanna Hanna” as well as the title track, “Working With Fire & Steel”, which became a hit single in Australia. The album was a Top 20 success in the UK, and China Crisis spent 1984 and 1985 making their biggest chart run, beginning with their only UK Top 10 hit single, “Wishful Thinking”, which peaked at #9.

Wishful Thinking                                                                                                   4:38

Some People I Know Lead Fantastic Lives                                                             3:43

This Occupation (Extended Mix)                                                                           4:00

Some People I Know Lead Fantastic Lives (Extended Mix)                                      6:07

Listen !

5 comments on “China Crisis – Wishful Thinking (1983)

  1. I actually bought this same 12″ in Australia at a 2nd hand shop. A crime that there wasn’t any extended for Wishful Thinking, which is possibly my favourite CC single.

  2. Hey Ric, Got a couple of your requests in this week, the Shona Laing 12″ and Fan Club “Don’t Let Me Fall Alone” (includes 3 mixes), will be doing some recording tomorrow but my Okki Nokki record cleaning machine just arrived and I need to spend some time cleaning as well, not enough hours in the weekend, have a good one EV

  3. Excellent news EV!
    Looks like someone is investing in this vinyl ripping hobby!:-)
    But I can imagine how tidieous the cleaning process is…so I really appreciate all you’ve done, are doing and are gonna do…

  4. EV, I’ve been in the process of ripping all my CC singles. Actually, most of everything is out there on CD in one form or another. I just wanted to give you a heads up regarding this 12’er. I will be posting it to my blog. I’m using your band info, but will be using my recordings & photo’ed art. I’ll give you credit and linkage on the blog post! Best to you & thanks for some great postings! (Rob/DJRAF)

    • No problem at all, I did a quick check and it looks like the Extended Version of “Some People I Know Lead Fantastic Lives” is still missing on CD but it looks like if you can lay your hands on the 2CD edition of “China Crisis Collection”, there is a great selection of 12″ versions and B sides on the second disc. Must try and find a copy of this myself. Best of luck with the blog, will definitely check it out. EV

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