Shona Laing – (Glad I’m) Not A Kennedy (1987)

Shona Laing (born 9 October 1955) is a New Zealand singer/songwriter. She has had several hits in her native country, as well as a few minor international hits, most notably “(Glad I’m) Not a Kennedy” and “Soviet Snow”.

Laing first came to prominence in 1972 as a 17-year-old schoolgirl, winning the television talent show “New Faces” with her song 1905. Signed to a recording contract with Phonogram, her first two singles, 1905 and Show Your Love both certified gold and both peaked at number 4 on the New Zealand charts. In 1973 she won two RATA’s (Recording Arts Talent Awards): Best New Artist and Recording Artist Of The Year. In 1975 she travelled to Britain and was based there for the next seven years, where in 1982, she was a vocalist for Manfred Mann’s Earth Band alongside fellow New Zealander, Chris Thompson.

“(Glad I’m) Not A Kennedy” was released in New Zealand in 1986 where it went to #2 on the National Charts, the track was then remixed by Martin Rushent (Human League, Altered Images) in 1987 for the 12″ single which was released internationally.

(Glad I’m) Not A Kennedy (Extended Remix)      5:14

Listen !

9 comments on “Shona Laing – (Glad I’m) Not A Kennedy (1987)

  1. Thanks so much for this, EV!
    This was pre-internet in 1987 when I heard this via BBC. Had no idea who she was, and only managed to hunt down a copy of the 12″ and the LP in Australia well into the 90s.
    I’m a sucker for melancholia and this is right up my alley!

    • I had to delete a lot of music from my Rapidshare folder recently due to not paying their new 50 euro a month fee, all will be moved to the new Mega account, check back in about a week, thanks for the feedback EV

      • ok, thanks..hopefully it will be available again..sometime. Any chance for a full rip of Fishbone’s ‘ When Problems Arise 12” ..used to have it, don’t no mo.

  2. Just reposted a few requests over the weekend and totally forgot this one, moving it to the front of the queue now. Will put the Fishbone on the list for a new rip next weekend. EV

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