Evelyn “Champagne” King – Slow Down (1985)

Evelyn “Champagne” King (born July 1, 1960) is an American R&B, disco and post-disco singer. Some of her best-known songs are “Shame”, “Love Come Down,” and “I’m in Love.”

She was discovered as a young woman while working with her mother at Philadelphia International Records as an office cleaner. Producer Theodore T. Life overheard her singing in a washroom and began coaching her. She was eventually signed to a production deal with Life’s Galaxy Productions and a recording contract with RCA Records.

In 1982, King released the album, Get Loose. It yielded a top twenty pop and #1 R&B hit with the single, “Love Come Down”. The song also peaked at #1 on the dance charts and reached the UK Singles Chart top ten, peaking at #7 for three weeks. The follow-up, “Betcha She Don’t Love You,” peaked at #2 on the R&B chart and #49 on the pop chart. From the mid- to late 1980s, King would continue to chart on the R&B charts, placing eight singles in the R&B top twenty, with three making it to the top ten.

In 1984 Evelyn released the album “So Romantic”. It included the hit singles “Till Midnight,” “Just For the Night,” “Give Me One Reason,” “Out Of Control” and “I’m So Romantic.”  Justin Kantor of Allmusic awarded the album a four star rating, stating that “with King’s bold vocals atop them, the songs on So Romantic make it one of her strongest ’80s albums.

The single “Slow Down” was remixed by Mark S. Berry for the US 12″ single release.

Slow Down (Remixed Version)        6:07

Slow Down (Dub A)                        4:18

Slow Down (Dub B)                        4:29

Listen !

3 comments on “Evelyn “Champagne” King – Slow Down (1985)

  1. I love Evelyn’s early 80s singles, but by the mid 80s, I sorta lost track of her singles…only getting into her C+C produced single Hold On to What You Got in 1988.
    So thanks EV for this feature, a chance for me to check this out. I love Mark Berry mixes anyway.
    btw, how’s the concert? was it a blast?

    • Also a big fan of Evelyn’s early 80s tracks, I can recall having the 7″ of Love Come Down, a fantastic track. I then came across her again in the mid 80s with Your Personal Touch, another killer single.
      Concerts were excellent, on the first night he played She’s Always In My Hair, my favourite Prince B side, in the encore and second night Flavor Flav jumped on stage and did 911 Is A Joke and Chuck D did some freestyle rap in the encore over Days Of Wild. Two amazing nights and he’s coming back for a third show on the 30th, hoping for some tracks off Lovesexy.

      • Love Come Down is my favourite Evelyn single…a well deserved #1 on the R&B and Club Play charts. Just wished it would’ve been at least a Top 10er on the Hot 100.
        and what do you know? She’s Always In My Hair is my favourite Prince B-side too! It was so worth the money when I bought the Raspberry Beret 12″ in ’85.
        Glad you enjoyed the concerts!
        Lovesexy is indeed underrated as a Prince album.

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