Data – Blow (1984)

Data was a UK electro pop group formed in 1979 by Georg Kajanus (formerly of the group “Sailor”), George was responsible for rhythm and melodic programmes, keyboards and FX vocals and was joined by Frankie Boulter (lead and FX vocals), Phil Boulter (vocals), Henry Marsh (additional keyboards) and Simon Boswell (additional keyboards).

The classically orientated title track of DATA’s first album, Opera Electronica, was used as the theme music to the short film, Towers of Babel (1981), which was directed by Jonathan Lewis and starred Anna Quayle and Ken Campbell. 

DATA released two more albums, the experimental 2-Time (1983) and the Country & Western-inspired electronica album Elegant Machinery (1985).

The first single to be released from Elegant Machinery was “Blow”, the track was written, produced and engineered by Kajanus and the US Sire Promo 12″ included remixes of both Blow and  “D.J.” which would later be mixed with “In Blue” for it’s own 12″ single release.

Blow (The Blow Out Version)                              6:20

Blow (The Blow Out Version Single Edit)            3:32

D.J. (The Club D.J. Version)                               5:32

Listen !

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14 comments on “Data – Blow (1984)

  1. Download already blocked. And I really wanted this:-) Try renaming these with nonsense names or just numbers it will avoid problems with mediafire.

    • I can’t believe this has been deleted already, makes me nervous about mediafire shutting down my account, will rename and upload when I get home tonight. Very strange that my previous upload for Data has been on mediafire for quite a while, Thanks for letting me know

  2. Strange. Today again comes up as “File Blocked For Violation”. And I can download all of your others I just tested. i don’t know of ANY settings on my Mac that can block this download. Anyone else get the download or having a problem?

  3. OK, definitely strange, I just tried it again and got the “File Blocked For Violation”, went to my account and the file was still there. I have reloaded the link so please try one more time.

  4. Appreciate your efforts blocked again. Throw it up on 4shared they are free. Methodsofdance blog had to go this route in last 2 weeks as Mediafire blocked him.

  5. I would try another post – different artist – and see what happens. Maybe Mediafire is allowing you to access the link because you have an account but blocking all third parties. Wupload did that to me when I had a subscription. Anymore this seems to be par for the course for cyberlockers – they work great then one day they get pressure from the authorities and block access to some or all files, or only allow the uploader to access them. And Mediafire, being based in the US, is a large DMCA target. Again see the methodsofdance blog he just had a similar problem and went to another cyberlocker.
    Considering you and other bloggers don’t get paid to spend the time and money to provide all these great uploads that the labels could care less about resurrecting, let me say thank you for your continued efforts.

  6. Is there any chances that you have that data vinyl with a mix called In Blue D.J. (Extended Dance Re-Mix)
    Have been dying to find this one…
    You are my weekly hero, discovered so much stuff with you; you are making us groove in London town!
    Thanks a lot

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