Donna Allen ‎– Serious (1986)

Donna Allen is an American dance pop singer, born in Key West, Florida, and raised in Tampa. At one point a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, she got her start performing in the bands Hi-Octane and Trama before launching a solo career.She also sang backup on tour for Gloria Estefan for nine years. Her first disc was the Lou Pace-produced 1986 album, Perfect Timing, and over the next few years she launched several hits on the US Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play chart. She had two Top 10 hits in the UK Singles Chart with “Serious” (1987, #8) and “Joy and Pain” (1989, #10).

Serious (Long Version)                 5:35

Serious (Short Version)                3:40

Serious (Dub Version)                  7:55

Listen !

7 comments on “Donna Allen ‎– Serious (1986)

  1. My friend, i see that you post many synth funk, funk and disco bands from the 80’s.I said that because i like a music from this time but unfortunatelly i don’t know the name of the song, and the band too.The only thing i know is this part of the song: “Are you ready pretty baby, Arey you ready follow me.Are you ready be my lady, Are you ready come with me”. If you know this song can you tell me or post the file if you have it please.I love this song and i can’t find anywhere because i don’t have any clue who sing.Bye.

  2. There are apparently so many different remixes for this. I have the UK 12″ for this, but the rips floating on the net so far aren’t very good. So I’m v glad you’ve posted this. Thanks EV!

    • I love this track, it was a dance floor filler back in my nightclub days, the other favourite from this era that I have lined up for this week is Loveride by Nuance, it has some amazing edits by The Latin Rascals and sounds great played loud 🙂

  3. Great choice, EV! Loveride is AWESOME! Billboard’s #2 Clubplay single for the year 1985! Latin Rascals bangs it!

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