Skipworth & Turner ‎– Thinking About Your Love (1985)

Skipworth & Turner are a male R&B duo, consisting of Rodney Skipworth (from Syracuse, New York) and Phil Turner (from Memphis, Tennessee).Their biggest hit came in 1985, when they went to #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart with “Thinking About Your Love.” The track reached #24 in the UK Singles Chart, and a further release, “Make It Last” peaked at #60 in the same chart in January 1989.

Thinking About Your Love                                 8:04

Thinking About Your Love (Dance Hall Edit)        5:21

Thinking About Your Love (Instrumental)             6:00

Listen !

7 comments on “Skipworth & Turner ‎– Thinking About Your Love (1985)

    • Went to see Prince again the night before this post, must have still been half asleep, will fix it as soon as I get home tonight. Thank you to everyone for letting me know so quickly 🙂

  1. Thanks and Happy weekend, EV!
    Classic mid-80s jam…they sure don’t do it like this no more!
    Used to play this with Curtis Hairston’s I Want Your Lovin’ back to back in ’85!
    So how was your “another” Prince concert? as good or better than the previous?

    • Third Prince show was definitely the best of the three, I had a few of my requests filled, extended versions of Hot Thing and Pop Life, Crimson & Clover (only time played on the tour) , Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) and he opened with D.M.S.R., a magic night !! A bit disappointed I won’t be seeing him again next week 🙂

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