Alyson Williams ‎– Yes We Can Can (1986)

The daughter of bandleader / trumpeter Bobby Booker, Alyson Williams began her career by singing background vocals for various artists including, Curtis Hairston, Melba Moore (“Love’s Coming At Ya”), B. B. & Q. Band, Cashflow, Unlimited Touch, Bobby Brown and Barbara Mitchell before joining the group High Fashion, which also featured Meli’sa Morgan. After they disbanded, Alyson sang with the group The Affair before moving onto a solo career.

Her first single, “Yes We Can Can”, was first released on Profile Records in 1986; a release on the Def Jam label followed in 1987. At the label, she established herself as an in demand vocalist, duetting with many of her label mates including Chuck Stanley (“Make You Mine Tonight”) and Oran “Juice” Jones (“How To Love Again”).

“Yes We Can Can” was originally recorded as “Yes We Can”, by Lee Dorsey on his album Yes We Can, released by Polydor in 1970, it was covered in 1973 by the American R&B girl group the Pointer Sisters and released on the Blue Thumb record label.

Released in February 1973, the song became the Pointers’ first hit single, reaching number eleven on the Billboard Hot 100 and number twelve on the Hot Soul Songs chart.

The 1986 version by Alyson Williams was produced by Russell Simmons and mixed by Shep Pettibone.

Yes We Can Can                                   7:25

Yes We Can Can (Dub Version)            6:25

Listen !

5 comments on “Alyson Williams ‎– Yes We Can Can (1986)

  1. Alyson only came into my music radar in 1989 with Sleeptalk. And I sure didn’t know she covered this as well. Thanks EV for the introduction.

  2. I only picked this one up recently myself, a rare Shep Pettibone gem ! More vinyl only Shep to come this week including Debbie Gibson, Carol Williams and David McPherson and for the reader who requested the Sly Fox remixes, they are done and ready to go so stay tuned !

  3. Hello – Just discovered your great blog! So many Shep & FK tracks that I never knew existed! Please can you re-up this Alyson Williams Track? Don’t think I’ve ever heard it before.
    Thanks again for your blog.

  4. Hello EV – thank you for the prompt response and upload. This is much appreciated. I’m still working my way through all your wonderful posts!! Discovering some great music along the way. It’s amazing because I consider myself to be a ‘music collector’. I have collected thousands of records, CDs, cassettes and now MP3s over the last 30-years or so. I was even a local amateur DJ back in the day but yet I’m still discovering so many great tracks that I didn’t even know existed!! Thank you again for your great blog.
    Kind regards, Tulp.

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