Sly Fox ‎– Let’s Go All The Way (1985)

Sly Fox was a short-lived American 1980s duo, consisting of Gary “Mudbone” Cooper, an African American funk session musician and former vocalist with Parliament-Funkadelic, and Michael Camacho, a Puerto Rican vocalist.

The duo was assembled by the British producer, Ted Currier, and presented as wholesome, clean living teen idols, an image that contrasted sharply with the perceived sexual connotation of the title of their lone hit.

The group’s sole album Let’s Go All the Way was released on Capitol Records in 1985, and the title track “Let’s Go All the Way” became a Top 10 hit in both the US and UK the following year. The follow-up singles, “Stay True” and “Don’t Play With Fire”, marked a return to their teen idol image, but these sold poorly.

Since the dissolution of the band, Cooper has remained involved in the music industry. His most recent album, Fresh Mud, was a collaboration with Dave Stewart that combined blues and rap. Meanwhile, Camacho has concentrated on jazz singing, and he released his solo album Just For You.

Let’s Go All The Way (Extended Blix Mix)     4:59

Let’s Go All The Way (Diamond Dub Mix)      5:13

Let’s Go All The Way (Short Blix Mix)             3:57

Listen !

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2 comments on “Sly Fox ‎– Let’s Go All The Way (1985)

  1. This is one of my favourite singles of 1986, (it was released very late in ’85) and I remember it charting high together with InXS’s What You Need early that year.
    Great single, EV!

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