Jaki Graham ‎– Step Right Up (1986)

Jaki Graham originally sang in a band called ‘Ferrari’, and then went on to the band ‘Medium Wave’, before becoming a backing vocalist for UB40. She appeared on their version of Jimmy Cliff’s “Many Rivers to Cross” as well as UB40’s own “Sing Our Own Song” (1986). She was also in a band called ‘White Lines’ with former ‘Bakerloo’ and ‘Little Acre’ sax player George Northall in 1977. She went on to achieve notable solo chart success in 1985, including two singles in which she duetted with the former Linx vocalist David Grant. The first, a cover of “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love” reached #5, and the duo had a second hit the same year with the song “Mated” which reached #20.

In 1986, Jaki released her second album, titled “Breaking Away”, it would become her most successful release with four singles that all reached the UK Top 20 and a fifth single which only managed the #83 spot in the UK.

“Step Right Up” was a #15 UK hit, written by Derek Bramble and mixed by Michael Brauer and unfortunately not managing to make the re-release of the “Breaking Away” album in 2010.

The “Pure Dance Mix” appeared on the Street Sounds Edition 20 LP back in 1987.

Step Right Up (Pure Dance Mix)          7:22

Step Right Up (Dub Mix)                      6:15

The Closest One                                 4:33

Listen !

One comment on “Jaki Graham ‎– Step Right Up (1986)

  1. Jaki is one of my favourite UK female voices of the 80s. And the string of delicious Brit-Soul singles…simply classy!
    Love it!

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