Climie Fisher ‎– This Is Me (1986)

Climie Fisher were a UK pop duo formed by vocalist Simon Climie (born 1957) and former Naked Eyes keyboardist Rob Fisher (5 November 1956 – 25 August 1999). In 1987-8, they had two international hit singles but these were preceded by their first single “This Is Me” in 1986.

“This Is Me” was written by Climie Fisher and produced by Steve Lillywhite with backing vocals by Steve’s then-wife Kirsty MacColl.

The 12″ This Is It remix was credited to Mr. Max Hardfilling which was a nom de plume for Mixmaster Phil Harding.

The track was re-released in the UK in 1988 following the success of “Love Changes (Everything)” and “Rise To The Occasion”.

This Is Me (This Is It Mix)         7:38

This Is Me (7″)                         3:48

Far Across The Water             4:28

Listen !

One comment on “Climie Fisher ‎– This Is Me (1986)

  1. Mr Max Hardfilling…sounds like some pron actor. LOL!
    But I adore the mixes of Phil, shame this one didn’t make it on any CD. Thanks for your rip!
    And smooth transition EV, moving from Naked Eyes to Climie Fisher.
    Such a shame about Kirsty, love her singles a lot (They Don’t Know, A New England, Walking Down Madison etc), She’s just gone too soon. 😦

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