Nick Kamen – Nobody Else (Jellybean Remixes) (1987)

A recent post featured the Arthur Baker mixes of “Nobody Else” by Nick Kamen from the UK 12″ single which included one of Arthur’s legendary dub mixes, now we have the US 12″ single which added the John “Jellybean” Benitez remixes.

Despite these excellent mixes from both Jellybean and Arthur Baker and songwriting credits by Brenda Russell and Jeff Hull, the single would only reach #47 on the UK charts.

Nobody Else (12″ Version)           6:16

Nobody Else (Dub)                       5:50

Listen !

3 comments on “Nick Kamen – Nobody Else (Jellybean Remixes) (1987)

  1. WOW!
    Only knew of the AB mixes but not these Jellybean ones.
    Thanks for the new info and new adds, EV!!!
    Nick may not be the greatest singer ever, but he sure got these pure pop songs that got snubbed!

  2. Thank you for your site, I got some 12″ that i had on vinyl that i really wanted. I loved your Thrashing Doves, Robert Palmer and you have great taste with all your posts. Thanks!

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