The Three Degrees – The Heaven I Need (1985)

Before Stock, Aitken And Waterman turned their attention to producing number one hits for Kylie Minogue, Bananarama, Rick Astley and many more, their focus was clearly more soul based with their early releases being by artists such as Princess, Brilliant, O’Chi Brown and The Three Degrees.

The Three Degrees are an American female vocal group. Formed in 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the group has always been a trio though there have been a number of personnel changes and a total of fifteen women have represented the group so far. The original members were Fayette Pinkney, Shirley Porter and Linda Turner. The most successful line-up was Fayette with Sheila Ferguson and Valerie Holiday, these being the ladies responsible for recording their 1974 single “When Will I See You Again” which was a huge international hit, peaking at #2 in the US and topping the UK Singles Chart.

In 1985 they returned to the UK Charts with “The Heaven I Need” on Supreme Records, although the single narrowly missed hitting the UK Top 40.

The Heaven I Need                           7:47

The Heaven I Need (Instrumental)    7:43

Gimme Gimme                                  3:35

Listen !


14 comments on “The Three Degrees – The Heaven I Need (1985)

  1. I actually prefer this earlier more soulful phase of SAW.
    This, like those Princess singles, have quite a few remixes. At least 3 if I’m not wrong?
    Thanks for this, EV!

    • Totally agree, these early tracks were competing with some great dance tracks coming out of the US at the time and easily matched many of them, unfortunately once they found pop success there was no looking back.

    • THANKS SO MUCH for posting. I’d nearly lost any hope to find this single! 200% agree with you. I prefer SAW’s earlier sound like this record and ‘Say I’m Your No.1’ by Princess. This is the essence of the sound invented by them. I especially love the bass line, so bold in these records. Then the arrangements gradually got more ‘sugary’ and ‘commercialized’, if you like.

  2. I found a copy of the 12″ version of their other collaboration with SAW ‘This the the House’ years ago, which is another great early track. (any chance of getting this as mp3?) Thinking about it I have to agree with this early sound (even if it was parallel with Hazell Dean). Sadly I have over 100 SAW 12″ records (went a bit mad), even though they still make me happy to listen to.

  3. Hi Jimmy, “This Is The House” will definitely be going up, it is already ripped and ready to go, I love the early SAW sound but I particularly like some of the more obscure acts they were involved like “Danse Society” which I posted recently. Also expect the SAW remix of Debbie Harry’s In Love With Love to appear soon. EV

  4. My last attempt to get you to please re rip the other great Three Degree’s SAW collaboration of This Is The House. Please, please, please

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