Mick Jagger ‎– Lucky In Love (1985)

While continuing to tour and release albums with the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger began a solo career. In 1985, he released his first solo album She’s the Boss produced by Nile Rodgers and Bill Laswell, featuring Herbie Hancock, Jeff Beck, Jan Hammer, Pete Townshend, and the Compass Point All Stars.

She’s the Boss was released in February 1985 – preceded by its lead song “Just Another Night”. Both the album and its first single became worldwide hits, with “Just Another Night” reaching #1 on the US Mainstream Rock chart and #12 on the US pop chart, and She’s the Boss going to #6 in the UK and #13 in the US, where it went platinum. Follow-up single “Lucky in Love” would be a Top 40 US hit.

“Lucky In Love” was remixed by Francois Kevorkian and Ron St. Germain which followed up the remixes the pair had performed for the first single “Just Another Night”.

Lucky In Love (Dance Mix)        6:32

Lucky In Love (Dub Mix)            6:19

Listen !


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