James “D-Train” Williams ‎– Misunderstanding (1986)

Following the dissolution of D-Train the band, James Williams embarked on a moderately successful solo career. Although he was billed as a solo artist, however, he did continue to work with Hubert Eaves III acting as a producer and key instrumentalist. In 1986, Williams released his debut album, Miracles of the Heart, which featured a Top Ten R&B single, “Misunderstanding.”

Written by Dana Eaves and Hubert Eaves III, produced by Hubert Eaves III and James (D-Train) Williams, remixed by Francois Kevorkian, Ron St.Germain and Hubert Eaves III.

Misunderstanding                                                 7:28

Misunderstanding (Instrumental)                            6:09

Misunderstanding (Acapella & House Dub)             3:52

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Vaughan Mason & Butch Dayo ‎– Party On The Corner (1983)

New Yorker Vaughn Mason’s claim to fame is the spectacular disco/funk single “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll,” credited to Vaughan Mason & Crew. That song, released on Brunswick, hit the top five of the U.S. R&B chart in 1980 and became the title track of the group’s first and only album.

The single also became sample fodder for several rap songs, including Digital Underground’s “Doowutchyalike,” Heavy D’s “Black Coffee,” De La Soul’s “Cool Breeze on the Rocks,” and Redman’s “Slide and Rock On.”

In 1982, Mason teamed with Butch Dayo to release an LP and two singles on Salsoul Records.  The second of these singles was “Party On The Corner” in 1983, written by Ben Epps, produced and arranged by Vaughn Mason & Butch Dayo and mixed by Shep Pettibone.

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Vesta Williams ‎– Don’t Blow A Good Thing (1986)

Mary Vesta Williams (December 1, 1957 – September 22, 2011) was an American recording artist and songwriter, who performed across genres such as pop, jazz, adult contemporary and R&B. Originally credited as Vesta Williams, she was sometimes simply billed as Vesta beginning in the 1990s.She was known for her four-octave vocal range.Although Williams never had any albums certified gold nor any Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, she scored six Top 10 hits on the United States Billboard R&B chart from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s. Williams was known for the hits “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”, “Sweet Sweet Love”, “Special”, and her 1989 hit and signature song, “Congratulations”.

The third single to be released from Vesta’s debut album was “Don’t Blow A Good Thing” , the track hit #5 on the US Dance Charts, #17 on the US R&B and #89 on the UK single chart.

The 12″ was mixed by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero.

Don’t Blow A Good Thing (12″ Vocal)                      7:55

Don’t Blow A Good Thing (A Cappella)                    3:28

Don’t Blow A Good Thing (Dub)                               6:37

Don’t Blow A Good Thing (Percapella)                     4:22

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Machinations ‎– Do It To Me (1988)

Machinations’ third album, Uptown was released in October 1988 and produced four singles spread out over eighteen months.  The first single, “Do to You”/”Looking Out for You”, was released in August 1987 and almost matched the highpoint of “No Say In It”, reaching #15 in October 1987.   The second single, “Intimacy”/”Hit by a Missile” (May 1988), reached #44, the third,  “Do It to Me”/”Normal” (October 1988), peaked at #69 and the fourth, “Cars and Planes”/”Beats and Planes” (February 1989) failed to chart. The album was well received upon its release and reached #46 on the national album charts.

Despite not appearing on any the band’s discographies on the internet, the single “Do It To Me” was released on 12″ single in Australia with John Luongo supplying the remixes.

Do It To Me (Extended Version)          7:32

Do It To Me (Dubfuation)                     5:29

Do It To Me (Bacapella)                      4:44

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The B-52’s – Summer Of Love (1986)


The B-52’s are an American rock band, formed in Athens, Georgia in 1976. The original line-up consisted of Fred Schneider (vocals, cowbell), Kate Pierson (vocals, keyboards), Cindy Wilson (vocals, tambourine, bongos), Ricky Wilson (guitar), and Keith Strickland (drums). Rooted in New Wave and 1960s rock and roll, the group later covered many genres ranging from post-punk to pop rock.

After taking a one year absence from their musical careers in 1984 The B-52’s regrouped in 1985 to record Bouncing off the Satellites, their fifth studio record, Guitarist Ricky Wilson died of AIDS during the recording. With the band too distraught to tour, the album received minimal promotion and failed to yield any hits despite some stations initially giving good airplay to “Summer of Love”.

“Summer of Love” is the first single off the album Bouncing off the Satellites by The B-52’s. The single peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, making it their highest entry. The single was remixed by Shep Pettibone with the “Summer Party Mix” being released on the Time Capsule – The Mixes CD in 1998.

Summer Of Love (Summer Party Mix)          6:04

Summer Of Love (Love Dub)                        7:47

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Boy George – Don’t Take My Mind On A Trip (1989)


Boy George (born George Alan O’Dowd on 14 June 1961) is an English singer-songwriter who was part of the English New Romanticism movement which emerged in the early 1980s. He helped give androgyny an international stage with the success of Culture Club during the 1980s. His music is often classified as blue-eyed soul, which is influenced by rhythm and blues and reggae.

In 1987, he released his first solo album, Sold, and enjoyed its success in Europe. It spawned the UK singles “Everything I Own” (UK #1), “Keep Me In Mind” (UK #29), “To be Reborn” (UK #13), and the title song, “Sold” (UK #24). The singles were hits in various other European countries as well. The album’s success, however, was not duplicated in the US. This may be due in part to the fact that George was prohibited by US authorities from travelling to America for several years because of his British drug charges. He did score his first solo Top 40 hit with the single “Live My Life” (US #40) from the Hiding Out soundtrack. Tense Nervous Headache (1988), and Boyfriend (1989) would be his next two internationally released albums; however, these two albums would not be distributed in the US. Instead, Virgin Records selected several songs from each of these two albums for a North American-only release called High Hat (1989). This album scored a US Top 5 R&B hit in “Don’t Take My Mind On A Trip”, produced by Teddy Riley.

“Don’t Take My Mind On A Trip” was released on 12″ single & CD single with a number of remixes by Teddy Riley but Teddy’s “Main Club 12″ Mix” was released on the US 12″ only.

Don’t Take My Mind On A Trip (Main Club 12″)              6:13

Don’t Take My Mind On A Trip (12″ U.K. Acid)              6:37

Don’t Take My Mind On A Trip (12″ U.K. Acid Dub)        5:40

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Yello – Call It Love (1987)


This release from Swiss electronic pioneers Yello was released in no fewer than 20 different incarnations, so if you listen to this and decide you must own the Francois Kevorkian remix, please choose very carefully as the Francois mixes only appeared on the Mercury US 12″.

Definitely one of my favourite releases by Yello, a sublime Billy MacKenzie (The Associates) vocal and a powerful remix by FK.

Call It Love (Remix)     6:45

Call It Love (Dub)        6:52

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Herb Alpert ‎– Making Love In The Rain / The Herb Alpert CD Megamix (1987)

Herbert “Herb” Alpert (born March 31, 1935) is an American musician most associated with the group variously known as Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass, or TJB. He is also a recording industry executive — he is the “A” of A&M Records (a recording label he and business partner Jerry Moss founded and eventually sold to Polygram). The multi-talented Alpert has also created abstract expressionist paintings and sculpture over two decades, which are on occasion publicly exhibited; and he and his wife are substantial US philanthropists through the operation of the Herb Alpert Foundation.

“Making Love in the Rain” is the third single by Herb Alpert from his Keep Your Eye on Me album. It features vocals from regular Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis collaborators Lisa Keith (lead) and Janet Jackson (back up).

“Making Love in the Rain” was a big success on the U.S. Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks reaching number seven, and did moderately well on the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at number 35.

The UK 12″ single added the Herb Alpert CD Megamix, billed as the world’s first CD mix created on a Technics SLP 1200. The Megamix contains an intro by Dakeyne and the tracks Rise, Rotation, Red Hot, Keep Your Eye On Me and Diamonds.

Making Love In The Rain (12″ Mix)                     5:50

Making Love In The Rain (Instrumental)              5:49

The Herb Alpert CD Megamix                            9:15

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Corey Hart – Angry Young Man (Jellybean Mix) (1986)


Corey Mitchell Hart (born May 31, 1962) is a Canadian musician, best known for such hit singles “Sunglasses at Night” and “Never Surrender”. He has sold over 15 million records worldwide and scored nine consecutive US Billboard Top 40 hits. In Canada Hart has amassed 29 Top 40 hits, including 11 in the Top 10, over the course of his nearly 30 years in the music industry. Nominated for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1984, Hart is also a multiple Juno award nominee and winner in Canada.He has also been honored by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN).

Fields of Fire, Hart’s third album release, came out in fall 1986 and promptly went double platinum in Canada and achieved gold status in the US. It featured the US Top 20 hit single “I Am By Your Side,” as well as the Canadian #1 single “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, originally performed by Elvis Presley.

The third single released from “Fields Of Fire” in Canada was “Angry Young Man“, it would reach #29 on the Canadian charts, in the US the Jellybean remix appeared on the B side of the “Can’t Help Falling In Love” 12″ Promo.

Angry Young Man (Jellybean Mix)        6:27

Angry Young Man (Dub)                      5:05

Angry Young Man (Edit)                      4:03

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