Sheena Easton ‎– No Deposit, No Return (1989)

The Lover in Me was the ninth studio album by Scottish singer, Sheena Easton. It was released in November 1988 and was her debut for MCA. The album reached #44 on the Billboard 200 and #30 in the UK, and was certified Gold by the RIAA. This is one of Easton’s best selling albums to date and returned her back to the U.S. and UK charts.

The album’s title track became a major hit, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, #5 on Billboard‘s Hot Black Singles chart, and #15 on the UK Singles Chart. Other hit singles from the album include “Days Like This” (#35 on the US R&B chart, UK #43) and “101” (UK #54 US Dance #2). “101” was written for Easton by Prince. One last single was released in the US; “No Deposit, No Return”, but failed to chart.

“No Deposit, No Return” was written/produced by L.A.Reid and Babyface and remixed by Jon Gass and Greg Royal.

No Deposit, No Return (Extended Version)           7:46

No Deposit, No Return (Radio Edit)                      4:48

No Deposit, No Return (Instrumental)                   5:25

No Deposit, No Return (Dub)                                6:31

No Deposit, No Return (Cussapella)                     3:14

Listen !


12 comments on “Sheena Easton ‎– No Deposit, No Return (1989)

  1. Sheena Easton has always been more a singles act for me. But The Lover In Me album is a classic with hardly any fillers!!! And all the singles were excellent, despite the lack of much chart success besides the lead single.
    I have the first three singles but not this, so thanks EV!

    • I have got the US Promo of “You Can Swing It’ on the way and that just leaves the David Morales remixes of 101 that appeared on the Promo to complete the MCA years, a really great run of singles for Sheena !

      • Indeed, I welcome every single one of them, Any chance for a re-rip of the extended version of No Deposit No Return, It seems like something went wrong around 3:35 min into the mix. 🙂

  2. I had actually ripped this one a few months ago and didn’t listen to it again before I posted, I will take a look at it tonight and should be able to get a new copy up by the weekend

  3. Cheers for this re-up. Sounds great. I have the CD singles for most of the singles from the album but not this one. Will you be posting Days Like This as I am missing the (Extended Instrumental) & (Instrumental) from vinyl. They weren’t included on the CD.

  4. Please Please Please re-up. This is the only 12″ I need to complete my Sheena Easton “Lover in Me” Deluxe Version. This is my favorite Sheena album.

    Thank You!!!!!

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