Sheena Easton ‎– Days Like This (1989)

“Days Like This” was the follow-up single to the title track from Sheena Easton’s ninth studio album, The Lover In Me.

Although not reaching the chart heights of her debut single for MCA Records, “Days Like This”, the single still managed to hit #35 on the US R&B chart and #43 on the UK charts.

“Days Like This” was produced and written by L.A.Reid & Babyface with additional production  by Jeff Lorber and remixed by Louil Silas, Jr.  The US Promo 12″ added a number of additional mixes.

Days Like This (Extended Version)                        8:35

Days Like This (Radio Edit)                                 6:15

Days Like This (Extended Instrumental)               8:35

Days Like This (Percussapella)                           6:15

Days Like This (Bonus Beats)                             5:12

Listen !


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