Machinations ‎– Do It To Me (1988)

Machinations’ third album, Uptown was released in October 1988 and produced four singles spread out over eighteen months.  The first single, “Do to You”/”Looking Out for You”, was released in August 1987 and almost matched the highpoint of “No Say In It”, reaching #15 in October 1987.   The second single, “Intimacy”/”Hit by a Missile” (May 1988), reached #44, the third,  “Do It to Me”/”Normal” (October 1988), peaked at #69 and the fourth, “Cars and Planes”/”Beats and Planes” (February 1989) failed to chart. The album was well received upon its release and reached #46 on the national album charts.

Despite not appearing on any the band’s discographies on the internet, the single “Do It To Me” was released on 12″ single in Australia with John Luongo supplying the remixes.

Do It To Me (Extended Version)          7:32

Do It To Me (Dubfuation)                     5:29

Do It To Me (Bacapella)                      4:44

Listen !

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