Anthony And The Camp ‎– How Many Lovers (1986)

Anthony and the Camp is a dance music group led by producer Anthony Malloy. The group also consists of Crawford Peterson, Henley Goddard and Linden Aaron.  Malloy, who already had a number-one hit on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with his former group Temper, hit the top spot again with the Camp in 1986 with the song “What I Like”.

The follow-up single to “What I Like” was “How Many Lovers” which was produced by John “Jellybean” Benitez and mixed by “Little” Louie Vega and Jellybean.

The US 12″ single also added a remix of “What I Like” by David Morales.

How Many Lovers (Vocal Version)            7:40

How Many Lovers (A Capella)                  5:00

How Many Lovers (Dub Version)              5:29

What I Like (Remix)                                6:11

Listen !

3 comments on “Anthony And The Camp ‎– How Many Lovers (1986)

    • Hi Sparks, all is well in the land of eightiesvinyl, currently on holiday in Paris and am working my way through every used record store in the city, have picked up some real treasures that I will share with all of my readers soon, back in Melbourne first week of October and will be cranking up the record cleaning machine immediately, normal service will resume shortly after. Thanks for the inquiry though, it is appreciated. EV

  1. Paris…great. Enjoy your stay as much as you can. I came to Melbourne last year in October for a show with my band and had the chance to grab that Diggin’ Melbourne map and visit a few of the 51 shops! I even went to that shop run by an incredible afro-haired guy (was it Northside…?) and took pictures with him.Amazing city.Have a safe trip back home.

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