Sequal ‎– Tell Him I Called / I’m Over You (1988)

Sequal was a Latin Freestyle female duo from Miami, composed of Angie Vollaro and Maria Christensen. The duo was founded in 1984 by producer Lewis A. Martineé, who was also responsible for the group Exposé.  The group’s first releases in 1985–86 were on independent label Joey Boy Records and became club hits.  In 1988, the group signed with major label Capitol/EMI Records, releasing its only self-titled album, which had a plethora of producers, including Stock Aitken Waterman (“Tell Him I Called”), Kurtis Mantronik (“Tell the Truth”), Michael Morejon, and Martineé.  Neither the album nor the singles hit the pop charts, although some singles did become club hits.

The US 12″ single paired “Tell Him I Called” with “I’m Over You”, the Stock Aitken Waterman produced “Tell Him I Called” was mixed by Pete “Mixmaster” Hammond and “I’m Over You” was produced by Michael Morejon and remixed by Ric Wake and Richie Jones.

Note that “Windowpane Dub” of “I’m Over You” segues into the “Microdots & Bonus Beats” and appears as a single track.

The group split in 1990, and Christensen later formed the group 3rd Party in the late 1990s; that group’s major claim to fame was the song “Waiting For Tonight,” which Jennifer Lopez covered on her debut album.

Tell Him I Called (The Master Jam)                  7:36

Tell Him I Called (An Edit Supreme)                7:40

Tell Him I Called (Instrumental)                       4:14

I’m Over You (Sunshine House Mix)                6:55

I’m Over You (Windowpane Dub)                     5:18

I’m Over You (Microdots & Bonus Beats)         1:55

Listen !

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5 comments on “Sequal ‎– Tell Him I Called / I’m Over You (1988)

  1. Remember this being on the 1st SAW compilation cassette I bought. I must say, where do you find these old 12″ records, you must be scouring the car boot sales by now. lol

  2. Available on CD as of November 26th.

    A lot of PWL/Stock Aitken Waterman repertoire is available on CD or digitally. It might make sense for you to check more carefully before infringing copyright in future.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the Sequal CD release, I have placed an order for it immediately. I usually am on top of any upcoming re-releases but did not hear about this one. I checked the full tracklist here and although it does have an amazing 18 remixes on it, only two of the six mixes from the US 12″ appear. Of course, I encourage all readers who enjoyed this 12″ to pick up the re-release on CD just like I have. At only £9.00, it’s a bargain for 29 tracks !

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