Rapidshare Upgrade & Download Issues

As many of you may be aware Rapidshare made some major changes to their processes yesterday, limiting daily downloads to 1gb for regular users or 30gb for Rapid Pro users.

As 1gb only represents about 25 downloads a day based on an average file size of 40mb then this is severely limiting to the avid eighties music fans who visit this site daily.

Therefore I have upgraded my account to Rapid Pro which should allow about 750 downloads daily which should cover you all quite nicely. I have taken up this option for 150 days and can review it again when it expires.

If you are still having any difficulty accessing files, please let me know and I can take this up with Rapidshare.

Unfortunately, this means no new post today but normal service will resume in the morning.

As we close in on 100,000 hits for the blog, I thank you all for your continued support and please take the time to throw a comment my way, it really does help keep up morale and the enthusiasm to keep the site going.

4 comments on “Rapidshare Upgrade & Download Issues

  1. thanks for supplying these great memories of the 80s, hopefully still be able to appreciate the great work done by you in this blog for a long period.


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