Cameo ‎– She’s Strange (1985)

“She’s Strange” is a 1984 single by the R&B/funk band, Cameo released on December 11, 1983. It is the title track from their tenth album. The single was their first to top the R&B chart, hitting number one for four weeks in April 1984. The single was the band’s first to reach the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart, peaking at number forty-seven.The video was directed by Dieter ‘Dee’ Trattmann.

The UK received this excellent double 12″ single in 1985 which included all 3 remixes of “She’s Strange” and the outstanding Cameo Megamix by Les ‘Mixmaster’ Adams which mixes three of Cameo’s best tracks – Single Life, Room 123 (She’s Strange Rap Version) and Attack Me With Your Love. The Megamix would be updated in 1987 to include Candy, Back & Forth and Word Up.

She’s Strange (Long Version)                              7:05

Cameo Megamix                                                8:25

Room 123 (She’s Strange Rap Version)                6:50

She’s Strange (Club Mix)                                     6:42

Listen !

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4 comments on “Cameo ‎– She’s Strange (1985)

  1. Put your hand up if you remember Larry Blackmon’s red codpiece. *hands up*
    But I do remember his funk classics like this too!

    • This string of hits they had leading up to “Word Up’ was outstanding, every single one of them was great so when they finally had a worldwide smash hit, I always thought it was well deserved but the 4 or 5 singles that preceded it were the real deal. EV

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