Seduction ‎– Two To Make It Right (1989)

Seduction was a female dance-pop, urban contemporary, house, and freestyle trio from New York assembled and produced by Robert Clivillés and David Cole (later of C+C Music Factory), consisting of members April Harris (born March 25, 1967), Michelle Visage (September 20, 1968), and Idalis DeLeon (born June 15, 1966).

Originally intended as a studio project, and prior to any assemblage of the aforementioned trio, the first track produced, “Seduction” (later renamed “Seduction’s Theme”), featured vocals by Carol Cooper, and was released to dance clubs. Against its producers’ expectations, it ended up becoming a hit. Envisioning a potential hit phenomenon, Cole and Clivillés set to the task of assembling a group of girls who displayed talent, sex appeal, and multiformat potential. Visage, DeLeon and Harris were chosen and assembled for the recording of the album Nothing Matters Without Love and subsequent singles. Their biggest hit came in early 1990 with “Two to Make It Right”, a No. 2 pop hit.

“Two to Make It Right” contains a sample of the song “Kiss” as performed by The Art of Noise featuring Tom Jones.It also contains a sample of “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, which happens to contain a sample of Lyn Collins’s “Think (About It)”. That song is known for the section with James Brown’s famous and often sampled “Yeah! Woo!” drum break.

Two To Make It Right (Cole / Clivilles Club Mix)           6:20

Two To Make It Right (Cole / Clivilles Dub Mix)            5:02

Two To Make It Right (7″ Remix)                                4:11

Two To Make It Right (Hip House Vocal Mix)               6:18

Two To Make It Right (Cole / Clivilles House Dub)        5:12


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2 comments on “Seduction ‎– Two To Make It Right (1989)

  1. Hi

    Just a quick thank you for this post and all the others this year.

    Whilst i was a child of the 80s and immersed myself in the various emerging genres of the time, I am continually surprised by the volume of music that seemed to have passed me by. Thanks for giving me a second chance and introducing me to so many great sounds.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  2. This was just on tv yesterday. According to Michelle Visage, she does not get any royalties from being in the group. Something to do with the deal, I think. (She also doesn’t care if people share Seduction Stuff)

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