Robert Hazard ‎– Change Reaction (1982)

Robert Hazard (born Robert Rimato, (August 21, 1948 – August 5, 2008), was a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, musician, probably best known for composing and recording the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, which Cyndi Lauper covered, turning the song into a best-selling hit. He also composed the 1980s New Wave and MTV hits, “Escalator of Life” and “Change Reaction”, which he performed with his band, Robert Hazard and the Heroes, who were popular in the Philadelphia club scene during the 1980s. These songs appeared on the five song EP Robert Hazard, released in 1982. Hazard’s first major label album, Wing of Fire, was released by RCA Records in January 1984.

Change Reaction was remixed by Nick Martinelli & David Todd for the US 12″ release.

Change Reaction (Remixed Version)         5:17

Change Reaction (Instrumental)                4:08


Listen !

2 comments on “Robert Hazard ‎– Change Reaction (1982)

  1. Learn something new everyday! Never knew Robert also recorded a version before Cyndi! So Cyndi’s debut album contains almost all cover versions!
    Thanks EV for the 101, and wishing you good health and good spirits for 2013. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year to you ! I believe Robert only recorded his version in demo form in 1979 but you may be able to hear it on Youtube. Definitely there were a lot of cover versions on that first Cyndi album but what a great selection of cover versions they are !

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