The Comsat Angels ‎– Independence Day (1984)

The Comsat Angels released their fourth album “Land” in 1983, “Land” was the first of two albums for the Jive label and was viewed as a major departure from the Comsats’ first three albums.

Andy Kellman from Allmusic review wrote “They had the critical approval, but they were intent to win public approval. Bringing in Mike Howlett (producer of Berlin, OMD, and Flock of Seagulls), the band threw caution to the wind and let him do what he pleased with the band’s already commercial-leaning material. They didn’t just sacrifice much of their trademark tension, atmosphere, and paranoia. Mik Glaisher’s inventive drums are painfully missing in action for much of the proceedings; studio wizardry cuts up his playing for incidental use. Andy Peake’s keyboards are transformed from mood mechanism to central character, which means Stephen Fellows’ guitar gets lost in the shuffle. As far as synth-pop records are considered, Land is fine — it still carries its own mood.”

The song “Independence Day,” originally from their debut album, Waiting for a Miracle, was rerecorded for Land. “Will You Stay Tonight” and “Independence Day” received a reasonable amount of airplay and charted in the UK at #81 and #71 respectively.

Independence Day (Extended Version)               3:51

Intelligence (Extended Version)                         5:57


Listen !


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