Thrashing Doves ‎– Matchstick Flotilla (1986)

“Matchstick Flotilla” (released June 1986) was the first single from Thrashing Doves debut album “Bedrock Vice”.

Although the title track would not appear in extended form, the 12″ single is notable for an Extended Version of the non-LP track “Hollywood Maids” and a live recording of the Rolling Stones “Sympathy For The Devil” which was taken from a concert at The Marquee on the 23 February 1986.

In a review of The Marquee gig in Record Mirror, Stuart Bailie wrote “In the world of the Thrashing Doves you’ll find bar-room blues bunking up with a Prince dance rhythm, a melancholy ballad giving way to some vintage glam rock and more. There’s nothing radically original in what they do, but it’s managed with taste and vision, and their ideas are incorporated into some particularly excellent songs, like their first single, ‘Matchstick Flotilla’, most probably the first Arthur Baker mix to feature harmonica and bottleneck guitar.”

Matchstick Flotilla was mixed by Arthur Baker & Jay Burnett.

Matchstick Flotilla                                       4:37

Hollywood Maids (Extended Version)            5:12

Sympathy For The Devil (Live)                      5:11


Listen !


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