Pseudo Echo ‎– Don’t Go (1985)

“Don’t Go” was the most successful single from Pseudo Echo’s sophomore album titled “Love An Adventure” reaching No.4 in Australia in October 1985. The single would of course be outperformed by the cover of “Funky Town” which was subsequently added to the album 12 months later.

Despite “Don’t Go” being one of the stand out tracks on the album, when the album was released overseas “Funky Town” would replace “Don’t Go” and re-mixed versions of three singles from the debut album would also be added.

“Don’t Go” was produced by Mark S.Berry who also remixed the earlier single “Living In A Dream” for this 12″ release.

Don’t Go (Extended Mix)                                  6:34

Don’t Go                                                        3:57

Living In A Dream (Jazz Version)                      3:29


Listen !


2 comments on “Pseudo Echo ‎– Don’t Go (1985)

  1. Hi Danny, still a few more to come, the last Australian 12″ I have was posted today but two US promos’s with exclusive mixes have just arrived and the US remixes of Funky Town by Freddy Bastone are on the way. EV

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