Trouble ‎– Trouble In My Life (1987)

“Trouble In My Life” was the only release from pop trio Trouble. The single was released on two 12″ singles, the first featuring the “Are You Ready Mix” by Phil Harding and the second featuring mixes by Freddy Bastone and Arthur Baker. For an act which attracted such big producing names, there is very little information to be found on the band itself.

The single was released on MDM Records which was home to the Phil Harding produced Scarlett & Black as well as releasing the classic Pete Wylie singles over the 1986-1987 period.

Trouble In My Life (Are You Ready Mix)                 8:05

Trouble In My Life (Dub Mix)                                 4:35

Last Time                                                           3:04


Listen !

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One comment on “Trouble ‎– Trouble In My Life (1987)

  1. I remember seeing the ad for this single in Smash Hits magazine, can’t remember if the single was reviewed. But it’s really good to see this post, coz I can finally get to listen to hear how it sounds. If it’s anything like Scarlett & Black, it should be good. And especially with Mr Harding on the helms.
    Thanks EV!

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