Mental As Anything ‎– Big Wheel (1984)

Mental As Anything (or Mentals to fans) is an Australian New Wave–rock music band formed at an art school in Sydney in 1976.Its most popular line-up was Martin Plaza (real name Martin Murphy) on vocals and guitar; Reg Mombassa (real name Chris O’Doherty) on lead guitar and vocals; his brother Peter “Yoga Dog” O’Doherty on bass guitar and vocals; Wayne “Bird” Delisle (real name David Twohill) on drums; and Andrew “Greedy” Smith on vocals, keyboards and harmonica.

The fourth single from the band’s fifth studio album “Fundamental” was the Martin Plaza penned “Big Wheel”. The album was produced by American record producer legend Richard Gottehrer and did result in the band’s biggest international success “Live It Up” after the track was used in the film “Crocodile Dundee”.

Big Wheel (Extended Mix)                                                      7:10

Big Wheel (Single Version)                                                     4:12

Apocalypso – Wiping The Smile Off Santas Face                     4:18


Listen !

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