Pseudo Echo ‎– A Beat For You (1984)

“A Beat For You” hit the Australian Charts in April 1984, reaching #12 but it’s Australian remix running 7:26 was only released in Australia and New Zealand.

Obviously the US record company had faith that this was a hit single as it received not only the remix treatment by Mark S. Berry in 1985 (already posted) but this earlier release with remixes by Paul Sabu & Rusty Garner. The duo had previously worked together remixing Matthew Wilder’s “Break My Stride” and Kim Carnes’ “Hurricane” in 1983,  and the classic “Go Insane” by Lindsay Buckingham in 1984. Although not an obvious choice as remixers for Pseudo Echo, the pair turned in a pair of excellent mixes which never saw release outside the US.

A Beat For You (Vocal Dance Mix)           5:20

A Beat For You (Echo Dub Mix)               6:01


Listen !


5 comments on “Pseudo Echo ‎– A Beat For You (1984)

  1. Hi Mono, Just finished writing a post about all the many different mixes of Listening and the Dancing Koala Bear Mix and Dancing Berry Mix are the only ones I am still missing. The 1985 AOR Radio mixes will be posted this week. EV

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  3. Here in the US, I grew up listening to synthpop and New Wave, but the only Pseudo Echo we heard on the radio was Funky Town. I am really enjoying listening to your excellent rips of these great mixes, and watching the music videos on YouTube. Thanks and keep up the great work – it is loved around the world!

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